Our Kids Come First

المدة: 30s

اللغة/اللغات: English, Spanish

العام: 2014

تصنيف القابلية للتكيف: Low

ملحوظة عن الترخيص: Easy

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اسم الحملة
Alianza Salud
الجمهور المستهدف
الرسائل الرئيسية

Junk Food, Marketing, Health Effects


Depicts the various tactics by industry to get kids to consume junk food such associating junk foods with cartoons, video games, printed ads, colorful treats and toys.


VO: Aggressive junk food marketing manipulates and induces our children to consume unhealthy food and drinks, creating poor eating habits from a young age. Consuming junk food causes obesity, one of every three mexican children is overweight or obese. Obesity can cause heart disease, some kinds of cancer, diabetes and even death. Enough, our kids come first, lets remove all junk food marketing from their world. Endframe: Let's remove all junk food marketing from their world.

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Our Kids Come First (Spanish)

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