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Langue(s): English

Année: 2018

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Right to know testimonials
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Adults, Policymakers
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Clear food labels, right to know what you eat, labeling public consultation,


The ad is a testimonial from Ageu, who is a hypertension and kidney failure patient talking about how food choices led him to his health condition. He also highlights the importance of having clear food labels.


In my case, it was like that, I didn't have much time to eat properly. You don't stop to analyse the nutrient content of nothing. The industry wants to sell, it doesn't want to alert anything. If labels were more clear, mayve I wouldn't have got to the point, for instance, to my kidney insufficiency. VO: Anvisa, we have the right to know what we eat. Access right to know.org

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Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (IDEC)

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