For a Healthier Mexico (Español)

लंबाई: 30s

भाषा: English, Spanish

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For a Healthier Mexico
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Sugary Drinks, Tax


Features several medical professionals speaking about pediatric patients with childhood obesity and about the obesity epidemic in Mexico, and attesting to the importance of a tax on sugary drinks.


Physician VO: I see girls and boys with obesity everyday,
RD VO: I know their future.
Public Health VO: Diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
RD VO: It's an epidemic and we can prevent it.
Narrator VO: More than seventy million Mexicans are overweight,
Text: Mexico is the most obese country in the world. July, 11, 2013
VO:...if we raise the cost soda and sugary drinks just a little we will reduce obesity. The money will help us combat the cost of this epidemic and install drinking fountains in schools and public spaces.
Physician VO: We must act now. Support the sad and sugary drink tax for a healthier Mexico. Closing Text: Support the soda and sugary drink tax

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For a Healthier Mexico (Español)

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