Soda Machine

लंबाई: 30s

भाषा: English

साल: 2014

अनुकूलनशीलता क्रमनिर्धारण: Low

लाइसेंसिंग रेटिंग: Easy

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अभियान का नाम
A Healthy Bay Area
लक्षित दर्शक
प्रमुख संदेश

Sugary Drinks, Tax


Depicts children looking at a soda vending machine. Each button lists a health problem caused by sugary drinks, instead of a sugary beverage product. At the end, the kids walk away with talk about the public health benefits, the extra revenue that will be earned, and inspirational music in the background.


VO: When kids drink soda, they're getting a lot more than they bargained for. Because just one soda a day can lead to an extra ten pounds a year, and that leads to some very serious health problems. But a small soda tax can make a big difference.
Text: Soda tax: 1c per ounce.
VO: ...Reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes, and putting money towards programs to improve nutrition, exercise and public health. So make the right choice and vote yes.
Closing text: Vote Yes! In San Francisco and Oakland to reduce childhood obesity and diabetes.

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