Invisible Killer (Office)

लंबाई: 30s

भाषा: Chinese

साल: 2010

अनुकूलनशीलता क्रमनिर्धारण: Low

लाइसेंसिंग रेटिंग: Easy

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अभियान का नाम
Smoke-Free Guangzhou 2010
लक्षित दर्शक
Both smokers and non-smokers
प्रमुख संदेश

Secondhand smoke, the invisible killer, attacks the vital organs of everyone.

Please comply with Guangzhou Municipal Smoking Control Regulations.


Shows a scene of a business office where one person is smoking. Secondhand smoke remains visible, black, as we see it swirl around and fill the whole room, going into the noses and mouths of everyone waiting.


VO: Secondhand smoke attacks the vital organs of everyone who breathes it, increasing their chances of heart disease by a quarter, even if they’ve never smoked. But the scariest thing is, you can’t even see it; 85% of secondhand smoke is invisible. Secondhand smoke, The invisible killer. Please comply with Guangzhou Municipal Smoking Control Regulations!

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