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Are We Drinking Ourselves Sick?
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Adults, policymakers
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Excess consumption of sugary drinks can cause tooth decay. support our children's health, support a sugary drinks tax


The ad tells the truth of a public health dental surgeon. From a first-person perspective, it shows her real-life story and the actual and possible health consequences of excessive consumption of sugary drinks, such as tooth decay, with an emphasis on children and young people.


As a consultant dental surgeon I see a wide range of patients. What we are seeing in our children are many cavities, abscesses, extractions being done, fillings being done, and this not good. There's an emotional and financial impact. The children don't want to smile, they're losing school time, they're losing play time and they're not eating. The children are in pain. Excessive consumption of sugary drinks can cause cavities. Support our children's health. Support a sugary drinks tax.

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