Vote Yes to Measure D

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Bahasa: English

Tahun: 2014

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Vote Yes to Measure D.
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Sugary Drinks, Tax


Uses baseball to show that the number of obese and overweight children in the Bay Area would fill up 3 of their local sports stadiums. Explains the link between the tax and health benefits; calls for a vote on measure during election.


VO: Here's and eye opening stat:
Text: Here's an eye-opening stat:
VO: ...the number of obese and overweight bay area children could fill our baseball stadium three times. Yeah, three times.
Text: On November 4th we change the game.
VO: But on November 4th, we get a chance to change the game. Just one soda a day leads to an average weight gain of 10 pounds a year, but just 1 cent of tax
Text: 1 cent
VO: ...can reduce consumption, childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Closing Text: Vote yes to measure D, and no to childhood obesity and diabetes.
VO: Vote Yes to measure D and No to childhood obesity and diabetes.

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