Are You Drinking Yourself Sick? (Jamaica)

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العام: 2018

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Are You Drinking Yourself Sick?
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The sugary drinks we consume throughout the day add up to a lot of sugar, which can bring on serious health problems.


Depicts the amount of sugar present in common sugary drinks found in Jamaica like fruit drinks, energy drinks, flavored water and sodas and the health harms associated with consuming them.


Voiceover: Does this look familiar? There’s the breakfast fruit drink (Text: breakfast drink = 10 teaspoons of sugar). The long ride to work energizer (Text: energy drink = 14 teaspoons of sugar). The mid-morning quencher (Text: flavored water = 6 teaspoons of sugar) and the sodas for dinner time (Text: 2 glasses of soda at dinner = 20 teaspoons of sugar). But that many sugary drinks a day add up to more than 50 teaspoons (Text: more than 50 teaspoons of sugar) and could bring on obesity which could lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. Are you drinking yourself sick? (Text: Are you drinking yourself sick?) Drink water instead! (Text: Drink water instead!) A message from The Heart Foundation of Jamaica, The Ministry of Health, Jamaica Moves.

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The Heart Foundation of Jamaica and Ministry of Health, Jamaica Moves

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