Don’t Eat More Lies

المدة: 35s

اللغة/اللغات: Spanish

العام: 2017

تصنيف القابلية للتكيف: Medium

ملحوظة عن الترخيص: Easy

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No Comas Más Mentiras
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Sugary Drinks, Health Effects


Portrays children exposed to different types of junk food advertisements. As children reach for the products, they become what they really are: sugar, fat, and sodium.


VO: Advertisement of ultra processed foods encourages poor eating habits amongst children. (Text: Obesity) There products increase the risk of obesity and increase the risk of early onset of diabetes and other serious diseases (text: Diabetes in adult age). 1 in 6 children in Colombia are overweight (Text: Risk of heart diseases). Enough! Do not eat more lies and don´t give them to your children. Let´s remove junk food advertisement from their world. End frame: Let's remove junk food advertisement from their world.

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Red PaPaz

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