Never Drink and Drive: Car (Ho Chi Minh City)

العام: 2016

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اسم الحملة
Don't Drink and Drive.
الجمهور المستهدف
Adult vehicle users

Scene shows Ho Chi Minh City in the evening and cuts to a family with a young daughter learning to ride a bike. Then cuts to man playing tennis with his friends and sitting down to food and drinks after their game. Two friends get up to leave, and one tries to tell the other not to drive because he has been drinking. The man decides to drive home anyway, and hits the young girl as she crosses the crosswalk with her bike.


Mom: Ok..ok. Well done my daughter!
Friend: you’ve been drinking beer. How about leaving the car here and taking taxi home?
Driver: I just had a few, I'm OK. Don’t worry.
End frame: Drink driving destroys lives. Never drunk and drive.

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Produced by and available from Vital Strategies.

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