Tooth Decay

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Are Your Children Drinking Themselves Sick?
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Adults, Policymakers
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Sugary drinks can cause tooth decay and obesity, which can then lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. cut out sugary drinks at home and at school


The ad shows the harmful effects of sugary drinks on children's health and tooth decay over time if consumed in excess from infancy to teenage years. It also shows that children can later develop type 2 diabetes in their adult years due to excess consumption of sugary drinks.


So, your child has just one sugary drink. That can’t be so bad right? But week after week, year after year, the effects of all that sugar add up. Sugary drinks can destroy your children’s teeth by causing painful tooth decay. They can also lead to Type 2 diabetes in adults. Most sugary drinks have empty calories with little or no nutrient value. Cut out those sugary drinks at home and at school. Are your children drinking themselves sick? Drink water instead.

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