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Langue(s): English

Année: 2018

Évaluation de l’adaptabilité: Low

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Right to know testimonials
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Adults, Policymakers
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Clear food labels, right to know what you eat, labeling public consultation,


The ad is a testimonial from Breno, who is a type 2 diabetes patient talking about his difficulties with making healthy food choices with current food labels. He highlights how clear, front of pack, labels would make his life easier.


The first time I went to the supermarket after the diagnose was one of the most complicated days of my life. Today, I don't feel safe to buy because there is not the information in that label. If the labels were clear, it would be quick quick. If packages had front of pack warnings, my life would be easier because the information would be immediate. VO: Anvisa, we have the right to know what we eat. Access right to know.org

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Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor (IDEC)

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