Addis Ababa: Never drink and drive, Testimonial

Tahun: 2016

Penilaian adaptabilitas: Low

Penilaian perizinan : Easy

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Nama Kampanye
Never Drink and Drive
Khalayak Sasaran
Adult vehicle users

Testimonial ad tells the story of a mother who lost her daughter to someone that decided to drink and drive.


Mother VO: My daughter, she was admired both for her performance at school and discipline in her way of life.  She was to graduate this year from university. Pity, when I had high hopes for her, when I believed she’d support me…One unfortunate day, a drunk driver killed my buoyant girl. He took her away from me. I can’t bear the sad truth that my only daughter is gone. I can’t find solace.   
Narrator VO: Drinking and driving ruins lives.
End frame: Never drink and drive

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Produced by and available from Vital Strategies.

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Penilaian adaptabilitas: Low


Penilaian adaptabilitas: Low