Sugar Adds Up

Panjang: 30s

Bahasa: English

Tahun: 2016

Penilaian adaptabilitas: Medium

Penilaian perizinan : Easy

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Nama Kampanye
Play Every Day
Khalayak Sasaran
Adults, Parents
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Sugary drinks, health effects


Depicts a family having dinner together while it zooms in on a boy pouring soda in his glass. Shows a split screen of the boy having a powdered drink with his breakfast on the left and sugar being poured into a glass on the right with the label 11 tsp. The video continues to show the boy's activities throughout the day (at school, baseball practice, and dinner time) and his daily sugar intake. Explains how consumption of sugary drinks can lead to adverse health consequences such as Type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and tooth decay. Offers healthier alternatives.


"VO: It’s just one soda with dinner, what’s the harm? It starts with 11 teaspoons of added sugar in his breakfast drink...8 teaspoons at lunch...Another 9 on the field...And 10 teaspoons for dinner...
All these sugary drinks add up to weight gain, diabetes and tooth decay. For the best health, serve your family water or low-fat milk.
Get the facts, visit playeveryday.alaska.gov. (end frame shows logos, website information and social media handles)."


The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

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