Sugary Drinks Tax Increase (South Africa)

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Bahasa: English

Tahun: 2021

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Are you Drinking Yourself Sick?
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Sugary drinks are harmful to our health. Support the health promotion levy on sugary drinks.


A father and daughter are enjoying sugary sodas together, as animated imagery shows what is happening in the fathers body as they drink. The narrator describes what sugar is doing to their bodies and the consequences it has on their health. We see fat building up around the heart and other organs which can bring on diseases. Potential health consequences, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, are presented in the form of a soda bottle. Now we are taken inside the daughter's body and see how these conditions can lead to diabetic eye disease and severe COVID-19 complications. The father and daughter are pictured no longer enjoying their drinks. The narrator calls for support in strengthening the health promotion levy on sugary drinks.


Voiceover: Did you know that sugary drinks are harmful to our health? Sugar is dumped into the bloodstream with every sip. Leading to fat build-up around the heart and other vital organs. This brings on obesity, heart disease and diabetes in adults and children too. People living with such conditions also have a greater chance of having severe COVID-19 complications. Now more than ever, we need a stronger levy to help us consume less sugary drinks. VO and text: Join the call to strengthen the health promotion levy on sugary drinks. Because together we can do better.


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