Paquete Mientan (The Packaging Lies)

Panjang: 30s

Bahasa: Spanish

Tahun: 2021

Penilaian adaptabilitas: Low

Penilaian perizinan : Easy

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Nama Kampanye
No Comas Más Mentiras
Khalayak Sasaran
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Ultra-processed foods and drinks can lead to a range of diet-related diseases, but their unhealthy content is often hidden. Support the bill for front-of-package labels to make unhealthy content visible and clear.


The ad is presented through a song that shows people suffering from different diet-related diseases as ultra processed foods are pictured on the screen (a man with an amputated leg is pictured with a drink that says "diabetes," while a woman struggling to get up stairs is pictured with a cereal box that says "overweight").Throughout, the singer sings about different ways that the packaging tricks, lies and hides the truth. The narrator urges viewers to support the Junk Food Law, while images of black labels that warn of unhealthy content are shown. The audience is invited to add their voice to the online petition that supports a bill for labels on ultra-processed foods and drinks.


Singing: Today your lies hurt, from behind you left a wound, stop now, I want the truth, the packaging tricks you, the packaging makes you sick, the packaging lies, hiding the truth, the packaging tricks you. VO: Enough! We don't have time. We need congress to approve the junk food law. Sign the petition at nocomasmasmentiras.org. Text: Join us and sign. Nocomasmasmentiras.org. The Colombian initiative to not eat more lies.


Red PaPaz

Paquete Mientan - 15 Seconds

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