Suara Korban Tembakau – 1

Panjang: 30s

Bahasa: Russian

Tahun: 2015

Penilaian adaptabilitas: High

Penilaian perizinan : Easy

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Nama Kampanye
Voices of Tobacco Victims
Khalayak Sasaran
Adult smokers
Pesan Utama

-Merokok dapat menyebabkan tuberkulosis pada usia muda


Tells the story of Dennis, a smoker who was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 35.


"When I started school, I was already smoking. I was admitted to the hospital, and it appeared that I had tuberculosis. I cannot smoke anymore. I'm just 35 years old. When I climb the stairs to the third floor, I must take breaks because I have shortness of breath. There are holes in the lungs... what else would you expect? The last 5 years I have done nothing but visit hospitals. I don't believe that I will ever recover. Once there was a time to consider, to stop smoking. But it's too late now.

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