Smoke-free Campaign Guide

A four-phased approach to using communications to support implementation of smoke-free policies.

Phase 1: Communicate

Communicate to the public the dangers of secondhand smoke and build support for an environment that favors smoke-free laws. Ads that show the harmful effects of smoking and of secondhand smoke can help raise awareness of ... Learn more >

Phase 2: Inform

Prepare the public for the upcoming smoke-free law. Encourage compliance. During the weeks and months before a law comes into effect, it is important to communicate what the new smoke-free law requires and what the public ... Learn more >

Phase 3: Support

Build support for, and compliance with, the new smoke-free law. When a new law comes into effect, it is critical to maintain public support. Ads in this phase may be more positive in their ... Learn more >

Phase 4: Educate

Continue to teach people more about the dangers of smoking, secondhand smoke, and encourage quitting. Attitudes and behavior do not change quickly, and compliance with smoke-free laws can sometimes wane after initial implementation. As ... Learn more >