Phase 1: Communicate

Communicate to the public the dangers of secondhand smoke and build support for an environment that favors smoke-free laws.

Ads that show the harmful effects of smoking and of secondhand smoke can help raise awareness of the need for smoke-free areas to protect people. In rigorous focus groups conducted across several countries, the most effective ads are those that use graphic images to display the physical harms of smoking and passive smoking. Such campaigns should be used when a smoke-free law is being discussed or debated.


Created in India to raise awareness of, and encourage compliance with, a stricter smoke-free law (October 2008). Ran in conjunction with “Dhuann”.

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Cigarettes are Eating Your Baby Alive

Created in New York, US in 2006 to support cessation efforts in New York City. Also adapted to support pending smoke-free legislation in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Vietnam. Often used in conjunction with “Cigarettes are Eating You Alive”.

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Say No to Secondhand Smoke

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Ibu Ike

Adapted from an ad concept created in Hong Kong. Aired in the Philippines in 2009 to build support for consolidation of smoke-free laws in Manila.

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Created in California, US in 2003 to solidify continued compliance with smoke-free laws passed in 1995 and 1998.

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