Albany Sugary Drinks and Soda Tax

Length: 30s

Language(S): English

Year: 2010

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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Healthier NY Now
target audience
Key message

Obesity is an epidemic and is preventable. A tax on sugary drinks will help reduce obesity and can be used to stop cuts to health care.


Shows various members of the health care system talking about how they see many people, and particularly children, with obesity and that just a small tax on sugary drinks can help reduce the prevalence of people with obesity-related diseases and can be used to stop cuts to health care.


Nutritionist VO: I see overweight and obese kids everyday. Psych VO: I know what their future holds. Physician VO: Diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Psych VO: It is an epidemic and it's preventable. Narrator VO: Over ten million New Yorkers are dangerously overweight (Text: New York Times: Child Obesity Risks Death at Early Age, February 11, 2010) by adding pennies to the cost of sugary sodas and drinks we can help reduce obesity and we can use the money to stop devastating health care cuts in Albany. Physician VO: Helping New Yorkers lose weight is a matter of life and death. Narrator VO: Tell Albany to pass the soda tax. Make New York healthier. (Closing Text: TELL ALBANY: Pass the tax on sugary sodas and drinks.)

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