Choose Foods with Less Stamps

Length: 30s

Language(S): Spanish

Year: 2016

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Choose Foods with Less Stamps
target audience
Key message

Labeling, healthy choices


Explains the problem of obesity and how the new labels will help inform people to make it easier to choose better food by simply looking at and the quantity of labels on packaging


VO: With the new nutrition law, Chile now knows what it's eating. Yes, because in order to protect our children from obesity and other health issues, foods high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium or calories have these warning stamps
Text and image show stamps.
VO: This way, we know what were are eating. Choose food with less labels, or even better, with none at all. Closing Text: Choose foods with less stamps, or even better, with none at all

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