Cuida tu vida, tómala en serio (Take care of your life, take it seriously)

Length: 30s

Language(S): Spanish

Year: 2014

Adaptability Rating: Medium

Licensing Rating: Easy

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Key message

The sugary drinks we consume throughout the day add up to a lot of sugar, which can bring on serious health problems.


Depicts the amount of sugar a man consumes throughout his day by drinking various sugary beverages. Then cuts to image of an overweight child walking down a supermarket aisle with a soda in hand next to his mom who is in an electric wheelchair. Cuts to multiple images of diabetic toes, and people in the hospital, while the narrator explains the health issues that sugar consumption can cause. Shows a table of sugary drinks, and then cuts to a table of healthier alternatives.


VO: Does this sound familiar? You drink a juice in the morning (Text: 450 ml of juice: 10 tablespoons of sugar), an iced tea at noon (Text: 650 ml of iced tea: 9 tablespoons of sugar), and then some soda with lunch and dinner (Text: 600 ml of soda: 12 tablespoons of sugar, two glasses of 400 ml of soda: 17 tablespoons of sugar). It may look harmless but all these sugary drinks in one day add a lot of extra sugar (Text: Total in one day: 48 tablespoons of sugar). That can cause serious health problems including obesity, which causes diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Do not hurt yourself by drinking sugary drinks. Better to drink water, sparkling water, low fat milk or tea without sugar (Text: Better to drink water, sparkling water, low fat milk, or tea without sugar). Take care of your life. Take it Seriously. (Closing Text: Take care of your life. Take it seriously)

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