Dentist Testimonial: Tooth Decay

Length: 30s

Language(S): English

Year: 2020

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Hard

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Act Now!
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Sugary drinks contribute to tooth decay, which is a growing problem among children. Support policy to restrict unhealthy foods and sugary drinks in schools.


A dentist discusses her concerns with seeing many children with decaying teeth, which affects their physical and mental health. She says that sugary drinks are a major contributor to the cause of tooth decay, and that they should be cut out from schools. Closing text urges viewers to support policy that restricts unhealthy foods and sugary drinks in schools.


Dr. Camile Hope: I am seeing tooth decay. In some cases all of the front teeth have cavities and when you have a cavity, it is a lot of pain and anxiety that a child goes through. Difficulty communicating at school, learning at school. Their self confidence decreases. Their emotional trauma increases as well. Sugary drinks are major contributors to the cause of tooth decay. There's no doubt about that. We can start by cutting out sugary drinks at schools. (Text: ACT NOW! Protect our children's health. Support policy that restricts unhealthy foods and sugary drinks in schools)

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