Etiquetado Claro (Clear Labels) – Woman

Length: 15s

Language(S): Spanish

Year: 2021

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Medium

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campaign Name
Que no nos tapen los ojos
target audience
Adults, opinion leaders, decision-makers
Key message

Companies try to cover up unhealthy products with attractive marketing slogans. But it is your right to know if a product has unhealthy content—support front-of-package labels.


The ad shows a woman whose eyes are being covered by marketing slogans used on different food and beverage products, including "light," "without sugar" and "natural." The image is accompanied by text that says not to let them cover your eyes, and that it is your right to know if a product has unhealthy content. Examples of black hexagonal labels that say "high in sodium," "high in fat" are shown. Viewers are encouraged to visit the website to support front-of-package labeling.


Text: Dont let them cover your eyes. #clearlabelsnow. It is your right to know if a product is high in sugar, fat and/or sodium. Demand the approval of front-of-package labels at etiquetadoclaroya.org.

other materials available

Billboard, digital posts, print.


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