LiveLighter – Junk Food Snacks

Length: 30s

Language(S): English

Year: 2016

Adaptability Rating: Medium

Licensing Rating: Easy

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Junk Food, Fat, Health Effects


Ad portrays a man stopping in a gas station to pay for gas, as his eyes fall on a rack of fast food snacks heating on the counter. Shot shows internal organs covered in yellow toxic fat as VO explains the health risks. Zooms outside of the body to man feeling his large stomach.


Man: Pump two, thanks, mate.
VO: It's time to stop and think about the snacks you and your family eat between meals. IF they're high in fat, salt, and sugar, they're junk food. And junk food can lead to toxic fat, bringing heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, and fatty liver disease closer. Junk food: what's really on the menu?
Closing text: LiveLighter.

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LiveLighter® campaign developed in Western Australia © State of Western Australia, Department of Health.

For more information and print material, please see https://livelighter.com.au/The-Facts/About-Junk-Food

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