Cigarettes are Eating You Alive

Length: 30s

Language(S): English, Sindhi, French, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic

Year: 2006

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Medium

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campaign Name
Cigarettes are Eating You Alive
target audience
Adult smokers
Key message

Smoking causes damage to nearly every organ and tissue of the body.


Eerie music plays throughout. We see the silhouette of a man smoking a cigarette and can see his lungs transposed on his silhouette. As he exhales, his silhouette turns into that of a skeleton with organs visible. A voiceover explains that smoking eats away at nearly every vital organ and tissue of the body. Cut to a shot of a real human heart beating faster and faster, then a healthy lung that quickly turns black from smoking, followed by a cancerous mouth, rotting teeth, and a cancerous throat. Next, cut to an image of a brain, then stroke-inducing clogged arteries. Cut back to quick flashes of the silhouetted smoker and the heart, lung, mouth, teeth and throat. Quit line referral.


VO: Every time you smoke, cigarettes are eating you alive. Smoking eats away at nearly every vital organ and tissue of the body. The heart. The lungs.
Text: Healthy lung…after years of smoking.
VO: The mouth, teeth and throat. Even the brain.
Text: Stroke.
VO: Cigarettes are eating you alive. Quit smoking today. For help, call 311 or 1.866.NYQUITS.
Text: Quit smoking today. For help call 311 or 1.866.NYQUITS. NYC Health. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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