Cigarettes are Eating Your Baby Alive (Vietnamese)

Length: 30s

Year: 2009

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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target audience
Adult smokers, especially parents
Key message

Cigarette smoke causes severe health problems in babies and children.


VO: When you smoke around kids, you expose them to thousands of chemicals that are eating them alive. Cigarette smoke contains poisons like cyanide and carbon monoxide that trigger severe health problems. Like painful ear infections, crippling asthma, and deadly pneumonia. Cigarette smoke is linked to low birth weight and doubles the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Cigarettes are eating you and your kids alive. Quit smoking right now. Quit smoking today.
Text: Quit smoking today. From 01/01/210, strictly implement the government’s regulations on smoking in public places and workplaces. Vietnam Ministry of Health.

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