Dhuann (Smoke)

Length: 60s

Language(S): English, Hindi, Turkish

Year: 2008

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
target audience
Adult smokers, non-smokers
Key message

Secondhand smoke causes cancer and other deadly diseases.

Smoking is prohibited in all public places.


Ad depicts bothersome cigarette smoke in various public spaces around a city. Shows a man laying in a hospital bed coughing as a doctor examines a chest x-ray. Shows a violator of a smoking ban receiving a fine, followed by a scene of smokers putting out their cigarettes before entering a smoke-free space.


VO: What has happened to this city? Ashes here, smoke there. The air is thick with poison, and death is written at large. There’s the kiss of doom about to touch your lips. What has happened to this city? Ashes here, smoke there. There’s the law, and there’s the ban.
Text: Passive smoking causes cancer and other deadly diseases.
VO: But who thinks? Who knows? Why are you so silent? Why no words? Why have smoke forced down your throat? Why tolerate, why bend? Let’s bring this reckless act to an end. Smoking is banned in all public places; penalties apply. Don’t smoke, nor let anyone do. Smoke-free: Smoking will cost you.

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