Giving Cigarettes is Giving Harm

Length: 30s

Language(S): Chinese

Year: 2009

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Medium

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campaign Name
Giving Cigarettes is Giving Harm
target audience
Chinese adults
Key message

Smoking causes deadly diseases and death; don’t give cigarettes as gifts.


Addresses the social norm of giving cartons of cigarettes as gifts. Giving cigarettes as gifts is givng diseases and death.


You give your friends blessings, together with lung cancer and respiratory system ailments.
You give your colleagues respect, together with heart disease, paralyzing strokes and (other) cardiovascular diseases.
You give your loved ones care and affection, together with death.
Giving cigarettes is giving harm. (Giving Cigarettes = Giving Harm)
[Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention]

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