Language(S): English, Hindi

Year: 2011

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Licensing Rating: Medium

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campaign Name
Bidi "Heartbreak" Campaign
target audience
Bidi and cigarette smokers 16 - 44 years of age
Key message

Smoking Bidi/Cigarettes can lead to heart attack and premature death

This can have severe consequences for other family members if the smoker is also the sole breadwinner

Smoking bidis/cigarettes is heartbreaking

You may think quitting smoking is hard but not quitting can be harder

Most people successfully quit on their own so every time you try brings you one step closer to success


Created in India to raise awareness of the risks of heart attacks due to smoking bidis and cigarettes, and the costs to other family members from the loss of the breadwinner.


VO: If his father had not died of a heart attack his son may have got an education and a good job.....
VO: If her father had not died of a heart attack, she may have had a settled life...
VO: If her husband had not died of a heart attack, she would have a companion in her old age.
VO: Smoking is a major cause of death from heart attack
VO: If you can’t quit bidis-cigarettes for yourself, do it for those who love you.
Agar iske babuji ki mrityu dil ka daura padne se na hui hoti to yeh bhi achchi shikhsha le ek achchi naukri kar pata
Agar aj iske pitaji ka dehaant dil ka daura padne se nahi hota to yeh bhi aasaani se apna ghar basaa paati
Agar dil ka daura padne se inke pati ki maut na hui hoti to inka budhapa apne jeevan sathi ke saath guzarta
Dhumrpaan, dil ki bimaari se hone waali maut ka ek pramukh kaaran hai
Bidi-cigarette peena choren – apne liye nahi to unke liye jo aap se pyar karte hain

Transcript – Surgeon Self-Efficacy Quit Spot
Surgeon: You may think quitting smoking is hard but not quitting may be harder.
Most people quit on their own, so every time you try you’re one step closer to beating the habit.
So quit today... you can do it!

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