Length: 30s

Year: 2014

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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target audience
Adult smokers
Key message

Smoking causes mouth cancer


Tells the story of Idrissa Diallo, a tailor living in Guinea Bissau, who started smoking cigarettes when he was a young man. After years of addiction, Idrissa developed a devastating mouth cancer that left him unable to work and provide for his family.


VO: Smoking cigarettes since he was a teenager has left Idrissa Diallo with devastating mouth cancer.
Idrissa: When I started smoking, I didn't realize how dangerous it was.
VO: The cancer is so bad, Idrissa can't even eat outside his own shop. He says the neighborhood children are scared by how he looks. The pain from his illness also means he can no longer work.
Wife: It's very difficult. Our family only has something to eat, when my husband goes to town and begs for money.
VO: Irissa, who used to support his familiy as a tailor, knows the cancer will take his life, leaving his wife and children alone.
Idrissa: I'm scared to leave my family in this world, but I don't have the resources.
VO and text: Idrissa Diallo, Passed away October 2013, two months after these photos were taken.

licensing note

Owned and available from Vital Strategies

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