If You Care: Smoke-Free Cars

Length: 37s

Language(S): Turkish

Year: 2021

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
If You Care: Smoke-Free Cars
target audience
Adults, Parents
Key message

Smoking in indoor places, such as cars, poses a danger to children's health. No child is safe in an environment where there is tobacco smoke.


The opening shot features a mother buckling her toddler into a carseat. The mother then buckles herself in and lights a cigarette. She rolls down the wind slightly and exhales. She looks at her daughter in the mirror and asks if she's safe. Viewers see smoke enveloping the toddler, as a voice-over says that no child is safe in the pretense of cigarette smoke.


Mother: We are very tired sweetheart. We need to fasten our seatbelts so we can safely go home. Then we will eat yummy! Toddler: Exclaims, Mother: Is my beautiful daughter safe back there? VO: No child is safe in the presence of cigarette smoke. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke get sick and are hospitalized more frequently. Don't put your children at risk, make your car, home and your life smoke-free.
Text overlay: Brought to you by the Initiative to Protect Children From the Tobacco Epidemic and the Harms of Tobacco. Birakabilirsin.org: You can quit: Quitline: 171

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