No Safe Smoking

Length: 38s

Language(S): Ukrainian

Year: 2020

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Hard

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campaign Name
No Safe Smoking
target audience
Key message

Electronic smoking devices should be subject to the same regulations as cigarettes.


Ad shares images of tobacco advertising and tells us that we were told that cigarettes are cool and harmless, but with time we found out that was not true. Now we are being told that the same about novel tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. However, research shows that these products are very harmful to people's health. The ad urges people to support upcoming legislation that would regulate electronic smoking devices the same way as cigarettes.


VO: Back in the day we were told that cigarettes are cool and harmless. But in time we found out the truth. Now we are told that novel tobacco products are cool, great-tasting and less harmful. But international research has shown that nicotine and toxins in these products are addictive and can cause cancer and lung diseases. We demand to ban the advertising of these devices, their sale to minors and to protect people from harmful secondhand smoke. All electronic smoking devices should be regulated in the same way as cigarettes.

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