Reverse the Damage (Lung)

Length: 30s

Language(S): English, Spanish

Year: 2012

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Reverse the Damage
target audience
Adult smokers
Key message

There are immediate health benefits to quitting smoking.

By smoking, you are putting yourself at high risk for lung cancer.


On-screen text states the health benefits of quitting smoking after 8 hours, 3 months, and ten years. Text then says "But right now" and begins to flash images of operating rooms, x rays, worried patients, surgical tools, and diseased lungs. Text and VO state that you're one cigarette closer to cancer. Sirens play in the background as text flashes that "Every cigarette makes you sick."


VO: Eight hours after you quit smoking, your blood oxygen level returns to normal. In three months, your lung function improves up to 30%. And ten years after you quit, your risk of dying form lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. But right now, you're one cigarette closer to cancer. Every cigarette makes you sick. Quit smoking today. For help, call 311 or 1-866-NYQUITS

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