Voice of Tobacco Victims: Li Xiang

Length: 30s

Language(S): Chinese, English

Year: 2018

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Voice of Tobacco Victims: Li Xiang
target audience
Tobacco users
Key message

Tobacco is harmful to smokers and their families.


This campaign features a testimonial from Li Xiang, a smoker and coronary heart disease patient who experienced cardiac arrest while on a train journey with his wife and children. He was fortunate to have been treated by a well-known doctor who was also traveling on the train. Li Xiang feels very lucky to still be alive to be with his family.


Li Xiang: Smoking can trigger heart attack. In the past I only knew lung cancer was related to it (smoking) but now I see there are so many cancers and heart attack (related to it) and I get a real sense of it. Text: On Oct 25 2015 Li Xiang had a heart attack aboard train G672 from Sanmenxia to Zenghzhou. Li Xiang: If Prof. Hu was not there when I had my heart attack and I was not saved I would've not been able to see my kids or family again. Text: Prompt care from Prof. Hu Dayi, a famous cerebral and cardiovascular disease expert aboard the same train saved his life. Li Xiang: Health is the utmost responsibility you carry for your family and quitting is to fulfill this responsibility to your family. If you can live a little longer and have less risks your family can hold on longer. Not to the extent that at critical moments when your family is all well, but you have to die.

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