Family Impact of Smoking

Length: 30s

Language(S): English, Vietnamese

Year: 2020

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Father and Daughter
target audience
Adult smokers, especially parents
Key message

Smoking is harmful for the smoker and their family.
A smoker's cough is a sign that cigarettes are damaging your body.


Opens with a man violently coughing into a napkin. He is then rushed to the emergency room as his daughter and wife look on crying. He undergoes surgery, as the damage to his organs is graphically depicted. He lies in a hospital bed as his daughter holds his hand, crying.


VO: Cigarette smoke is destroying your body...attacking all important organs. Increasing the danger of having lung and heart disease, and cancer. Wife: Cigarettes are harming my family. VO: For the health and happiness of yourself and your family, quit smoking today!

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