Smokeless Tobacco

Length: 30s

Language(S): Bangla, English

Year: 2020

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Smokeless Tobacco
target audience
Smokeless tobacco users
Key message

Smokeless tobacco causes cancer.


The campaign shows the personal testimony of Nurun Nahar, a 55-year old woman. Nuran developed oral cancer after using smokeless tobacco. Her cancer causes her immense suffering. She was operated upon and has a facial deformity that causes her difficulty in speaking, eating and drinking water. A doctor in a hospital shares a testimonial about a male patient suffering from tracheal cancer and struggling to breathe due to using smokeless tobacco. The man is next to the doctor in a hospital bed and has a tube in his throat. The ad closes with the patient's wife looking into the camera and sharing that jarda, gul and sadapata (plain leaf) are dangerous like smoking, and urging people to quit tobacco.


Victim Testimonial: I have been taking plain leaf for 20 years. Slowly, taking plain leaf became addictive. Now I can't eat food, even drinking water hurts me a lot. Doctor Testimonial: The use of jarda, gul, and plain leaf is a serious addiction in our country. He was suffering from Tracheal Cancer. He was struggling to breathe. We had to settle down a tube in his throat. Wife of male patient: Jarda, gul and sadapata (plain leaf) are also dangerous like smoking. Quit tobacco today!

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