Length: 30s

Language(S): English, Sindhi, Hindi

Year: 2009

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Quit Smoking Today
target audience
Smokeless tobacco users
Key message

Chewing tobacco causes oral cancer, even at a young age, and death.


“Surgeon” is the first in a series of ads aimed at growing awareness around the risks of smokeless tobacco. Launched by The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the campaign sought to build risk perception among young potential/early chewers and preventing initiation, while urging quitting behavior amongst existing chewers. The ad features testimony of a surgeon that serves smokeless tobacco victim patients. It was created in India in collaboration with TATA Memorial Hospital.


Text: Dr. Prashant Pawar, Oral Cancer Surgeon. Tata Memorial Hospital.
VO: We are seeing about 50 patients a day, and that would add up to over 1,000 a month. This patient here is 38 years old, and a major part of his tongue has been removed because of cancer. Eighty to ninety percent of patients with oral cancer are from chewing tobacco. We are seeing ages of around 18 to 20 with cancers, horrific cancers. This patient is only 24 years old, and he’s lost his voice. Ban gutka, ban pan masala and other forms of tobacco. The disfigurement is really horrific, I would say.
Text: Chewing tobacco kills. Quit today.

Hindi Transcript
Mai muh ke cancer ka surgeon hoon.
Hamare aspatal mein ek mareez, Mukesh, aapko ek sandesh dena chahta hai
Mera Naam mukesh hai, college jata tha.
Mainey sirf ek saal Gutka chabaya.
Ab mujhe cancer hoya ….mera operation ho raha hai.
Shayad mein eski baad bol nahi sakuga.
Aur mein sirf 24 sal ka hoon.
Afsos ki baat hai ki Mukesh apne operation ke baad mar gaya.
Uski poori zindagi uske aage thi, lekin who nahi bach saka.
India mein sabse zyada muh ke cancer ke mariz hai.
80 pratishat se zyada tambakoo chabane ke karan.
Ab jo bhi kare apni zindagi mein, please, please tambakoo na lijiye.

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