The Little Girl

Length: 45s

Language(S): Turkish

Year: 2021

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Medium

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campaign Name
The Little Girl
target audience
Adults, Parents
Key message

Increasing taxes on tobacco products helps protect children and youth from tobacco.


The opening shot features a young girl playing while her mother talks about all the things she can do and be when she grows up, such as becoming a doctor, engineer or artist. In the next scene, a voiceover shares the number of people in Turkey who lose their lives each year from tobacco. The mother looks at the camera and says that to protect her daughter and others from the tobacco industry, she supports increasing taxes on tobacco products. In the final scene, the daughter and mother hug as the voiceover shares research on how increasing taxes on tobacco products helps reduce use among children and youth.


Mother: My daughter may grow up to become a doctor and save lives someday. Or she might become an engineer, and make life easier. Or perhaps she'll become an artist and color our lives. VO: In Turkey, 100,000 people lose their lives and their chance to follow their dreams every year. Mother: To help protect her and those like her from the trap of Big Tobacco I also support increasing taxes on tobacco products. VO: Every 10% increase in tobacco prices means a 15% reduction in tobacco use among children and young adults. Brought to you by the Initiative to Protect Children from the Tobacco Epidemic and the Harms of Tobacco.

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