Their Gain, Our Loss

Length: 45s

Language(S): Bangla, English, Turkish

Year: 2019

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Their Gain, Our Loss
target audience
Adults, Tobacco users
Key message

The tobacco industry profits while people suffer the loss of loved ones.


The campaign begins with a family happily seated around the table eating and laughing. The mother disappears, having lost her life to tobacco. The family is pictured sadly sitting around the table, looking at the empty seat of their lost loved one. In the next scene, two friends are playing basketball. One of the friends disappears, having lost his life to tobacco. The other friend stands alone in an empty court. A father pushes his daughter on a swing. He then disappears, having lost his life to tobacco. The daughter sits in the swing sadly, with no one to push her.


VO: Those we've lost. Family, Friends, Loved ones. Those we can never replace. We lose 300 irreplaceable people to smoking, EVERY DAY. But cigarette companies can easily replace their lost costumers. They profit, we lose. Text at end: Big tobacco kills 7 million souls every year while making 700 BILLION dollars. VO: You can stop it! You can quit!

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The Win, We Lose

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