Voices of Tobacco Victims – 2

Length: 30s

Year: 2015

Adaptability Rating: High

Licensing Rating: Easy

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campaign Name
Voices of Tobacco Victims
target audience
Adult smokers
Key message

- Smoking causes atherosclerosis

- Smoking may cause you to need serious surgery

- Smoking affects not only you, but your family


Tells the story of Vasyl, who smoked since age 17 and was diagnosed with atherosclerosis. Testimonial from his wife.


Wife: All my life I fought with him about his smoking. He smoked two packs a day. The doctor came to us. He told us, "surgery is needed immediately." He has to have three very large incisions, and artificial veins had to be implanted in his body. It took him three months to recover. It's better not to recall... you punish not only yourself, but also your loved ones when you smoke.

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