Warm Heart

Length: 30s

Language(S): English

Year: 2015

Adaptability Rating: Low

Licensing Rating: Easy

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target audience
Adult male smokers
Key message

Smoking strongly affects the lives of your loved ones, not just yourself.


A soft lullaby plays over scenes of a young mother raising her young boy. Shots then alternate from the young son not wanting his mother to leave him at school, to the older mother gripping her adult son's hand at the hospital.


Lullaby lyrics: Be good and strong, my child. Be the source of my hope.
Next scene shows little boy not wanting his mother to leave him at school
VO: (boy) No, I want to be with you!
VO: (mom) Stay with me! Who will I be with now?
EF: How many more moms will see their children die before them because of smoking?

licensing note

Ad by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

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