Год: 2017

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Название кампании
Daniela: Sao Paulo
Целевая аудитория
Adult vehicle users
Краткий обзор

Sao Paulo ad shows the effect drink driving has had on the life of a victim.


Voice over: The car crash could have been avoided. It should have been avoided.
Text: 11 years ago, a driver ran a red light and hit Daniela’s car.
Voice over: He took away from me my friends, experiences and my will to live.
Text : She lost her ability to move and became a quadriplegic.
Voice over: I would prefer not to be in this place, as a example for others.
Text : Like Daniela, #Everybody Loses with road traffic fatalities and injuries.
End frame: Drive Safely, Save Lives. Yellow May. Good Traffic, Safe Traffic.

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Produced by and available from Vital Strategies.

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