Продолжительность: 15s

Язык(и): English

Год: 2018

Степень адаптируемости: Medium

Лицензирование: уровень: Easy

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Название кампании
Do not eat more lies, FOPL introduction
Целевая аудитория
Adults , Parents
Основные сообщения

Junk Food, Marketing, Health Effects. Introduction of the need of FOP labels.

Краткий обзор

Portraits a boy exposed to junk food (chips) advertisement and when he has the chips in his hands it becomes salt. In the end, the snack package is exposed with a question mark demanding to have clear labels in the front of the packages.


VO: One out of every four scholar aged children in Colombia is obese or overweight. This increases the risk of serious diseases in adulthood ENOUGH. Let´s demand clear, visible and truthful information in the front of the packages (Text: high in saturated fats?). Do not eat more. A Red PaPaz initiative. Endframe: Let's remove junk food advertisement from their world.

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