93 Packets a Day

长度: 30s

语言: English

年份: 2011

可改编性评分: Medium

许可评分: Easy

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Pouring on the Pounds

The sugary drinks we consume throughout the day add up to a lot of sugar, which can bring on serious health problems.


Depicts the familiar scenario of many consumers drinking different types of sugar sweetened beverages throughout the day, and how it can initially seem harmless. Explains how consumption can add up over time and the significant amount of sugar consumed on a daily basis. Explains the consequences, including obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Graphically displays the consequences—a gangrenous foot and a man being revived in a hospital. Closes with the phrase: "don't drink yourself sick" and depicts healthier alternatives such as milk and water etc.


VO: Does this sound familiar? You grab a mid-morning soda. (Text: 20oz Soda = 16 packets of sugar), a sweetened tea at lunch (Text: 23oz Tea = 18 packets of sugar), a frozen coffee drink in the afternoon (Text: Medium Frozen Vanilla Coffee = 32 packets of sugar) and a couple of sodas at dinner (Text: two glasses of soda = 27 packets of sugar). Seems harmless enough, but that many sugary drinks a day can add up to a lot of extra sugar (Text: one day total of 93 packets of sugar) and all that sugar can bring on serious health problems including obesity, which causes Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. So don't drink yourself sick (Text: Don't drink yourself sick). Go with water, seltzer, fat free milk or unsweetened teas instead. (Text: Go with water, seltzer, fat free milk or unsweetened teas instead.) Closing Text: Are you pouring on the pounds?


New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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