Family Breakfast (South Africa)

长度: 30s

语言: English

年份: 2020

可改编性评分: Medium

许可评分: Medium

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What's in my food?

We often consume unhealthy foods and drinks without realizing. We need to know what is hidden in our food.


A family is sitting down for breakfast, as the screen switches from the family pouring their juice and cereal to the sugar and salt content being poured out instead. The narrator says that everyone should know what they're eating but clear information about food isn't made available. The mother hears a news report on television about obesity rates and related diseases. She replaces all the breakfast items with healthier alternatives. At the end, the viewer is urged to join the campaign for clearer labeling on unhealthy foods.


Voiceover: We all need to know what we’re eating but clear information about what’s in our food doesn’t always reach us. Text: 1.6 teaspoons of sugar. This makes it hard for us to have healthier diets and avoid getting sick. Text: 680 mg of salt, 8 teaspoons of sugar. Journalist on tv: In South Africa, over half of adults are overweight or obese, which leads to illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Experts say we are getting high amounts of fat, salt and sugar from common foods that we think are healthy. VO: Now, more than ever, we need to know what is hidden in our food! Join our campaign to demand the facts! Visit whatsinmyfood.org.za.


HEALA, South Africa Healthy Living Alliance

Radio Ad
Family Breakfast (South Africa) - 15 Seconds

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