My Journey

长度: 30s

语言: English

年份: 2017

可改编性评分: Low

许可评分: Easy

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My Journey

The sugary drinks we consume throughout the day add up to a lot of sugar, which can bring on serious health problems.


Depicts the amount of sugar a woman consumes throughout her day through various sugary beverages. Toward the end she is depicted lying in a hospital bed, debilitated by disease stemming from sugar intake. The narrator informs the audience that sugary drinks add up, and can bring on obesity which can cause Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers, and urges them to choose healthier alternatives.


VO: Does this look familiar? There's the breakfast juice (Text: breakfast juice: 10 teaspoons of sugar), the long ride to work energy drink (Text: energy drink: 14 teaspoons of sugar), the tea time pick-me-up (Text: ice tea 6 teaspoons of sugar) and the dinner-time fizzy drinks (Text: two fizzy drinks: 20 teaspoons of sugar). But that many sugary drinks a day adds up (Text: daily total 50 teaspoons of sugar), and all that sugar can bring on obesity which could cause Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. Are you drinking yourself sick? Choose a healthier alternative. (Closing image: Water pitcher, two water bottles, and a carton of milk next to each other, Closing text: Go to Heala.org for more)




HEALA, South Africa Healthy Living Alliance

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