Addis Ababa: Never drink and drive, Enforcement

年份: 2017

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Never Drink and Drive
Adult vehicle users

Traffic police stop a man driving through a check point and give him a breathalyzer test. Voiceover and text explain the legal consequences of drinking and driving.


Policeman VO: we are doing an alcohol level check. Please blow on this. The device shows that you have been drinking. Please step out of the car for further check. We use this tube only once, we do not reuse it. When we stop and check you for your alcohol level, this device tells us precisely how much alcohol there is in your blood. If its above 0.4ml/l of breath, you will face charges. Your alcohol level is above the legal limit, and you are unsafe to drive. You will face charges. We will take your keys and license for 12 hours.
Narrator VO: Don't drink and drive. Even small amount of alcohol affects your judgment and reaction time, and you are much more likely to be involved in a crash impacting yourself and people around you. End frame: Never drink and drive





Produced and available from Vital Strategies.

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